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11:18 am

Do You Have A Recovery Plan For Your Site?

Maintaining an uninterrupted online presence is not an easy task. An impeccable 100% uptime is something that few companies could afford. This is why, apart from selecting the most reliable platforms for their sites, each small business needs to invest time and effort in creating the right recovery plan so as to avoid unnecessary downtime[continue...]

6:05 pm

10 Ways To Win Over Startup Challenges

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said, “Change is the only constant in life.” As a startup founder, if you are not ready for the change, you are messing up with the future of your venture. Successful startup companies are the ones that can embrace the adversity of change and adapt to the latest governing trends. By[continue...]

6:44 pm

Know How A Good Domain Name Can Be A Great Branding Tool

A domain name is your business’s online address. It is how your customers find you online when they want to do business with you. Domain names are so much more than a mere online presence. A good domain name is the most important discerning factor between getting lost in the online space and creating an[continue...]

8:22 pm

How To Ensure Your WordPress Website Security

Wordpress Website Security. Cyberattacks are a digital phenomenon that no institution, organization or business in the world is fully immune to. They could seriously compromise your reputation and discourage visitors from coming back. Usually, site security is associated with serious investment in protective measures and backend operations which are within the competence of developers. However,[continue...]