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6:36 pm

How To Secure Your Linux VPS

How To Secure Your Linux VPS. Finding the appropriate level of security for your Linux VPS is an important task, which requires that you take into careful consideration your particular needs. Being aware of the risks and trade-offs will help you weigh the balance between usability and security. Also, this will be a great way[continue...]

11:18 am

Do You Have A Recovery Plan For Your Site?

Maintaining an uninterrupted online presence is not an easy task. An impeccable 100% uptime is something that few companies could afford. This is why, apart from selecting the most reliable platforms for their sites, each small business needs to invest time and effort in creating the right recovery plan so as to avoid unnecessary downtime[continue...]

11:48 am

How To Protect Your Domain Name From Phishing And Other Scams

How To Protect Your Domain Name From Phishing And Other Scams. Apart from ownership rights, a domain name registration also entitles you to responsibilities for keeping it safe from malicious activities. We’ve already discussed how you can protect your domain name from unauthorized transfers and similar hijacking activities. Now we are taking a look at[continue...]