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High Quality Of Service Without Compromise

After long hours of programming and QA testing on our end, we are today in the position to ensure that all our web hosting are safe and to provide High Quality Services guarantee. We’ve designed an absolutely unique, extremely fast and risk–free web hosting platform. Our web hosting platform is based on a stable, first–rate hardware configuration and a heavily modified Linux version. That is why, no matter what your site is, or how many visitors you have, or even in case there’s a DDoS attack, our machines will stay up and running and your websites will stay visible online. We spent nearly a year setting up and tweaking our web hosting platform the way we planned it, so our clients can take full advantage. It is now dependable and really safe (we have installed SELinux on all physical servers of ours). It is entirely scalable. And it is three times faster when compared to other hosting alternatives.

High Quality Of Service

Shared Hosting Services From Evostrix Hosting

Evostrix Hosting offers enterprise-grade shared hosting and domain registration services and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and we offer a Real 24/7 tech support service with an average response time of less than 20 minutes. Our web hosting plans come with our intuitive Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, which is full of cost-free bonuses and tools. At Evostrix Hosting, we do not just provide domain names. Our company offers top notch domain management services. Additionally we supply you with a FREE domain name along with each of our cloud hosting plans. Every time you switch hosting providers, you’re met with a lot of problems. At Evostrix Hosting, we are here for you, ready to make this process much simpler – we’ll do everything for you and will transfer all your files, MySQL databases and e–mails all FREE of charge.

Website Hosting


Real 24–7–365 Support

Waiting for a long time to get a response from the tech support team can be very irritating, regardless of how insignificant the issue is. For this reason we are focused on supplying a swift and accurate reply to every tech support ticket submitted by a client. Our capable client support engineers will examine your request and will offer you the most efficient solution. Send a client support ticket anytime and we’ll respond to you with a solution to the problem within less than 60 minutes. As a matter of fact our tech support staff members usually respond in less than 20 minutes through the ticket platform integrated into the Website Control Panel. We’re at your disposal 24–7-365.

Evostrix Support


A reliable firewall for your web applications. If you want to defend your app against attacks, then ModSecurity is here to lend you a hand. It’s a firewall program built to intercept hack attacks, cross–site scripting assaults and URL forgery assaults. It runs automatically according to a set of predetermined rules and demands no attention on your part. With our Control Panel, ModSecurity will be enabled automatically for all domain names. You can deactivate or activate it anytime you want.

Evostrix Security

A Leading-Edge Cloud Hosting Solution

The list of the features offered in our hosting packages will surpass your imagination and this is not just a marketing approach. All these features are backed up by up-to-date hardware architectures and a modern cloud hosting platform. Our hosting platform consists of different groups of servers, each of them handling a specific service – Control Panel, hard drive storage space, mails, data backups, statistics, MySQL databases, PgSQL databases, etc. All these groups of web servers constitute the so-called cloud hosting platform. We have deployed the newest cloud server technologies when building our own hosting system, which is invulnerable to occasional service disruptions and network outages. All of the services connected with your website like DNSs, e–mails, databases, apps, etc. are run on separate web hosting servers to ensure that even if there is an excessive load issue, your website will still be running smoothly.

A Leading-Edge Cloud Hosting Solution

Solid–State Drives

Immediately boost your website’s loading speed. If you wish to give your site a top speed boost, all you have to do is simply to host it with us. All our web hosting machines are fitted out with solid–state drives, so on every web hosting server you’ll take advantage of incomparable read/write speeds, which will make your site faster than light. Thanks to the excellent online connectivity provided by each of our cloud hosting Datacenters, your web site will begin to load faster without the need for any additional modifications from you.

Evostrix Solid State Drives

Exclusive Domain Registration Prices

Success is a relative term. With our innovative web hosting packages, we, at Evostrix Hosting, offer you the chance to accomplish it. As a result of our systematic strenuous work and long–lasting cooperation with the biggest domain registries, we offer a large variety of cut–price web hosting packages. As it is, every single hosting demand will be satisfied. If you transfer your domain name to us, we’ll add a year to its date of expiry. To even further increase the value of our web hosting plans, we provide you with over 100 different TLDs (Top–Level Domains) to pick from.

Exclusive Domain Registration Prices

FREE And Fast Easy-To-Use Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel is the hosting Control Panel included with all our shared web hosting plans. It's extremely easy to use and includes free tools and bonuses. With the ability to accommodate multiple domain names at the same time, the drag-and-drop file upload system and the leading-edge Email Manager, it's truly one of the finest Control Panels out there. The Evostrix Hosting Control Panel is our idea of how website administration ought to be done. It is a place from which you can manage all aspects of your web presence without needing to use any additional billing or domain name management panels. With the Evostrix Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to administer your domains, your websites and your billing transactions from one place. Our Control Panel is designed to run solely with our own web hosting plans platform. This allows it to be a lot faster and a lot more secure than any other Control Panel. Once inside, you will see all the tools that you need to administer your website and many charge–free bonuses that will help you further customize your current website or quickly kick off a new one. But don't simply take us at our word - examine the full-featured hosting control panel demo.

Website Hosting Control Panel

Web Application Installer

Using Evostrix Hosting’s Web Application Installer, you can install any of our 50+ software apps in just a couple of seconds with no setup required! No need to waste your time looking for the most recent version or to deal with difficult and boring setups. Installing a web application has always been a tricky endeavor – you have to get the newest version, to install it on the hosting server, to adhere to an elaborate installation procedure, to set up databases, to grant user rights, to pray that your server has got all required modules, etc. As you can plainly see, this process is rather time–devouring and complicated. That’s why, we have set up our intuitive Web Application Installer. With our Web Application Installer, you will not ever need to download anything. We keep the newest stable versions of the applications, so all you have to do is click on the “Install" button. In addition, no database setup is necessary – we’ll do this automatically for you. And you do not need to be worried about server compatibility either – all the web applications that we are offering are totally compatible with our web hosting platform.

Web Application Installer

800+ Free Of Cost Layout Templates

With Evostrix Hosting, you’ll find a set of over 800 free of cost layout templates, enclosed directly into the Control Panel. This will certainly help save you hours in looking third–party theme websites to discover the suitable template for your website. You will get your theme right out the Control Panel. Our free of cost layout templates are accessible with the Quick Website Installer and then our Site Creating Application. Each of these tools works together with its own list of templates, so it’s possible to examine both and choose the most impressive feel and look for your site.Attractive website templates that look flawless on any type of device. To make a modern–looking site, you will need to have a reliable base. That is why, the Evostrix Hosting’s site generation tool offers a vast collection of different site templates, suitable for any kind of websites – personal pages, e–commerce stores, community portals, and so on. Every template is easy to re–design, with lots of layouts, different color configurations and included support for more than 100 different fonts. And you can change every one of these settings with a click. Plus, to top it all off, if at any time you have the desire to switch your website theme and select a new one, all changes you have completed will be carried over automatically.

Free Themes

Daily And Weekly Data Backups

Using Evostrix Hosting you can finally stop worrying about the safety of your server. With our hosting servers, your web sites and applications will be safe and sound - we not only provide excellent stability and security for our network and servers, but also automated backups several times day and a week. We have gone beyond the vast majority of website hosting companies out there, because we set up full backups not less than 4 times each day. In this way, in case a problem occurs on your website and you want a backup to be restored, the site will look the way it did no more than several hours earlier. The content could be restored by our technical support or, if you'd like, you can do it yourself. The available backups shall be listed within the File Manager section of your Control Panel in which you can see the date and time they were created.

Evostrix Daily & Weekly Data Backups

Website Management Made Easy

Our Control Panel also comprises a state-of-the-art File Manager, which enables you to upload files by simply dragging them to your browser. Moreover, it allows you to uncompress zipped files with a click. Our Domain manager is particularly helpful when you need to administer mulitple domain names at the same time. And our Email Manager will give you full control over your e-mails.

Website Management

Website Statistics

In our Hepsia Control Panel, you will also see our custom statistics tool. It requires zero configuration, meaning that you will never need to insert snippets of code or authorization symbols. It will begin working from the moment you publish your website to the Internet. Our stats tool will tell you all you need to know about how users interact with your site.

Hosting Stats

Choose Your Data Center

Having your site hosted closer to your target viewers not only will improve their on–site experience, but will also list you higher in local search results. Our web hosting platform will in addition present you with a high–speed connection to everyone online. All our physical machines are housed in modern datacenters based in different parts of the globe, plus in every datacenter we have made a custom internal network. That’s why we offer data centers on three different continents where you can host your web sites in accordance with your visitors’ location. You can pick between a US Located Web Hosting service in our Chicago data center facility, a UK Located Web Hosting service in our data center facility outside London, an Eastern European web hosting service in our data center in Finland in Pori, Finland, data center in Eastern Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria, and an AU Located Web Hosting service in our data center facility in Sydney. No matter which data center you pick, the prices and the features of our web hosting packages will stay the same. What’s more, each data center will allow you to enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all cloud web hosting plans.

Evostrix Data Center

Web Accelerators

And if you possess some web site optimization abilities, we've got some remarkable for you. Node.js, Memcached, Varnish, etc. are available right from within the web hosting Control Panel. Using them, you can boost your website's loading speed by ten times. This will not only improve the browsing experience of your visitors - the site itself will get higher search engine visibility.

Web Accelerators

FREE SSL Certificate

Evostrix Hosting is excited to offer free SSL Certificates for all. In case you intend to build a trustworthy Internet presence for your brand or project, you should have an SSL certificate. These days, having an HTTPS-enabled website is a ranking factor for search engines. In order to reduce the interception of sensitive data by the wrong people and to enhance the security of the websites, Evostrix Hosting is offering SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt, a certification authority sponsored by Google, Mozilla and other important Web players. So, register for a shared hosting account with with Evostrix Hosting now and get a SSL for your domain.

Free SSL Certificate

No Overselling Guarantee

In case you purchase any of our hosting plans, you'll receive what you've paid for with no exclusions. We at Evostrix Hosting do not oversell and we'll provide you with all of the system resources which you can see on our website for each of the plans. Even the features which are listed as unlimited do not have hidden quotas and we are able to afford that since we use an extremely powerful custom hosting platform. Instead of setting up accounts on just a single server like the majority of companies do, we have clusters of servers taking care of each and every part of the web hosting service - file storage, database access, emails, stats, and so on. Consequently, the system resources are virtually endless since we can continue adding hard disk drives or whole servers to any of the clusters. As opposed to almost all popular Control Panels, our Hepsia tool was meant to work on such a platform and we got plenty of room for your website also!

No Overselling Guarantee

30 Day Free Trial

With Evostrix Hosting Services, you will enjoy a truly risk–free cloud hosting service. Evostrix Hosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services and request cancellation within 30 days of signing up, we’ll give you a full refund, with no obscure costs or refund charges.

Evostrix Hosting 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free 1-Click Script Installs!