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Dedicated Servers Equipped With NVMe Drives

Dedicated Servers Equipped With NVMe Drives

Dedicated Servers Equipped With Drives. In tune with the latest workload demands on the market, we have revamped our Xeon line of dedicated servers by adding a brand-new line-up of the latest generation of processors— Xeon Scalable.
The new Xeon Scalable series represents a workload-optimized, security-enhanced breed of processors designed to handle the most high-demand applications within the context of the new data processing realities.

They bring in a host of technological advancements that will help you offer increased levels of speed, reliability, and security to your demanding customers for their mission-critical sites and applications.

What is Xeon Scalable about?

The exponential growth and diversification of data processing scenarios in recent years have necessitated higher standards of responsiveness and performance server-wise.
To help data centers and networks build the infrastructure storage/compute providers need to flex and scale to the new market requirements, has introduced their lightning-fast Xeon Scalable processors.

They underline a revolutionary platform that can handle demanding workloads via improved per-core performance, 1.5x more memory & PCIe bandwidth, greater agility, and new security features.
Apart from the new, ground-breaking technological characteristics, enabling significant leaps in I/O, memory, storage, and network performance; the new line of processors comes with a new, more impressive, naming scheme.

Lower prices and improved disk upgrades for the legacy dedicated setups

Price revision: the prices of most Atom, , and Xeon configurations have been decreased in tune with the new offerings for an overall more competitive portfolio; price reduction reaches up to 40% OFF the original wholesale price.

New disk upgrades for selected setups: all Atoms and legacy Xeon setups are now equipped with new SSD upgrade options. This SSD upgrade will be in force for all new sign-ups.

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